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The Thorp Building is a thoughtfully repositioned mixed use creative light industrial business center. Maintaining the memory of the past use and providing synergistic uses within the Building while adding to the community vitality and creating jobs have been the primary goals of this renovation and that vision is now realized!

The history of the building is inspiring, during the Rosie the Riveter era of WW II, General Mills Mechanical Division made Norden Bomb Sites at the Building. A technology that provided the utmost in precision bombing during that time. Its secrecy was so important to the Allies that it was guarded by the CIA, the FBI and the United States Navy. Maintaining the same high level of security as the Manhattan Project in New York. Two of the original four U.S. Navy guard towers stand in remembrance.

Located in the heart of the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District on Central Avenue, the Thorp has the proud distinction of being the Birthplace of Art-A-Whirl, which lead to the creation of NEMAA and the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District which now hosts Art A Whirl the largest art crawl in the country with over 40,000 visitors attending the weekend long event.


1618-1620 CENTRAL AVENUE NE  |  NORTHEAST MINNEAPOLIS  |  612.788.1600